Our Story

King Koil history begins in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota USA, in 1898 by Samuel Bronstein. Initially, Samuel Bronstein started his business with only assisted by six workers who worked in a small warehouse in the western city of St. Paul. Today, King Koil is a manufacturer of mattresses with the world’s largest international network.

Today, King Koil has gone beyond just being a mattress brand. In fact King Koil is the only endorsed mattress brand in the world by FCER ( The Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research) and ICA (International Chiropractors Association) who are pioneers in focused medical applications for body.

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In addition, King Koil is also the most preferred bedding brand in hospitality industry worldwide. As on today more than 10 million hotel rooms across the world which have used & using King Koil bedding systems, making it the most selling hospitality brand.

King Koil is more than a century old brand who have exceeded than its peers in coverage across globe, innovative products for better comfort and latest bedding technologies for superior sleep experiences.

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  • Owen-Shoemaker
    Owen Shoemaker

    Chief Operating Officer (King Koil, Headquarters)

    ‘Good Sleep’ is the top factor in a good health index followed by right diet, exercise and so on. This is exactly what we focus on through continuously working on better technologies & materials to create products which delivers truly good sleep. We outshine our competition through our consistent effort in this field and brought an innovative software by name SLEEP ID which helps to choose a right mattress based on your body dynamics.

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    Jean Pierre Ledoux

    V.P International Business (King Koil)

    King Koil is the world’s most popular mattress brand which has won trust of over a billion people worldover. We have worked extensively hard to bring this brand and its quality to almost every nook & corner of the world. We are proud to be in India and in shortest time, we have become a leading International mattress brand here too. You are welcome to be a part of King Koil family to enjoy a good night sleep…